Friday, February 28, 2014

The Good News - & the bad.....

The good news is that you have 9 markets to load up on all those pastries and baked goods that you love from Black Forest Pastries. The bad news is that Bert and Daffol are retiring at the end of April and, boy, will we ever miss them - the goodies, the smiles and the hugs. The Otts have decided it's time to take time for their grandchildren and after years of saying, "we can't come to (fill in the blank with - your concert, your game, your special event), because we'll be baking", they are looking forward to saying "we'll be there!"

But there are NINE Saturday morning markets between now and the end of April so don't miss a single one!

Update on Bert and Daffol - first of all - what an outpouring of appreciation!! Second, we'll be planning something special for them on the last Saturday of April (more on that later) and third, due to the pleading of their customers, though Bert and Daffol will not be at the market after the last Saturday in April, they will continue to take special orders that can be picked up at their bakery south of Carthage through June. Place your orders at the market or at 417 325-7506.