Sunday, August 17, 2008

What's at the Market & What's Not

We have a new grower at the Market - Agee's Fruits & Vegetables. James & Dee Agee have a farm in Fairview and are bringing heirloom tomatoes, speciality melons, apples and other goodies. Their tomatoes include Cherokee Purple and Brandywine. The Agees will be at the market on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Friday was the last day for Urban Gardeners for a while. This Tuesday will be the last day for Circle E Farms. Our other growers are going strong and expect to have produce for quite a while. In fact, Pates Orchard and Shoal Creek Gardens have fall tomatoes planted and several of our other growers have fall green beans in the ground. We already have pumpkins coming to market at Steve McLaughlin's stand and more will certainly be following as fall approaches.

We're missing one of our market wagons. It disappeared on Friday. If you see a Red Flyer with natural wood slats, please give us a call at 673-5866. The wagons get a lot of use and we'd hate to have to pull them out of service to keep them from straying away from the market.