Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tomato Day

We had 25 entries in our Tomato Day contests from market growers as well as community gardeners. Each was coded so the judges did not know who grew what. (Our judges were Mike Pound, Joplin Globe, Chef Scott Teal, Holiday Inn, Vickie Fuller, Southwest Area Career Center and Mike Wiggins, Granny Shaffer's - that's a picture of Mike and Chef Scott above - each in their work clothes - well, Mike does have on his Saturday shorts).

And the winners are:

Biggest Tomato - 2.05 lbs. Agee Farm - Brandywine Pink
Smallest Ripe Tomato - Organic Way Farm - Mountain Spring
Best Other Color Tomato - Fredrickson Farms - Brandywine Black
Best Red - Nicole Courdin - Super Sweet cherry
Weirdest Tomato - Fairhaven Berry and Vegetable Farm - Ponderosa Pink