Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can't wait two weeks til the next market?

You don't have to!

My mother was telling me tonight that she has already devoured almost the whole pie she bought from Hazel's Bakery on Friday. "It was the best apple pie I have ever eaten," she said. High praise coming from a lady with extensive pie eating experience. That pie must have been pretty darn tasty. (That's Kay above with one of her grandsons.)

Both Hazel's Bakery and Black Forest Pastries do special orders. And many of their products freeze well, so you can order enough to tide you over till next market on November 20. You'll find their phone numbers in the column at right.

Also, if you're running short of fresh veggies, try Fredrickson Farms over in Carl Junction. They have winter squash, kale, leeks and several other cool weather crops. They also have herbs plants. Call Tami at 417 439-6141 for a run down of what they're harvesting, their hours and directions.