Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday's Market

We should be buried in blackberries! Fairhaven and Wells Farms will have sweet corn. The first of the field tomatoes are coming in (& the last of the high tunnel ones, too). For last minute details, please check our Facebook page.

The kids' garden will have flowers just north of the information table. They harvested potatoes, turnips, and green beans today. Each took some home with instructions on preparation and cooking. They're still a couple of weeks away from harvesting their tomatoes. Hopefully there will be enough to add tomatoes to their sales table at the market then. (That's Zach and Timothy selling their flowers last week.)

This week is Crosslines week at the market. Crosslines, our regional food and clothing pantry, will receive all the profits from tomorrow's lunch and from Saturday's breakfast. Central United Methodist Church is providing the workers. We do this each year the week before the Fourth of July because we believe that America's generosity (as shown through Crosslines) is something to celebrate!