Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sentinel column - 5/22/15

It’s that delightful time of year at the market when you always find something new popping up. Many of the warmer weather crops are beginning to make an appearance, like zucchini and squash, green beans and new potatoes, peas and carrots. There are more choices at every market. But remember some of this abundance is fleeting. Strawberries are everywhere at the market this week, but in a few weeks will probably only be a sweet memory so be sure to enjoy them now.

We were delighted to welcome back a familiar face on Tuesday. Hector Troyer is back
after a three-year absence. He and his wife Lois began at the market when they were just kids in their early twenties and the market was only about five years old. Then they left to manage a farm for troubled boys sponsored by their church near Stockton. But they’re back. Hector and two of his sons, Logan and Lance, had a table full of squash and zucchini (and smiles) at the market and plan to be back next Tuesday.

It’s a special weekend for us. Poppies will be popping up everywhere – at Maria Vang’s table where the fresh poppy bouquets are festive and bright and in the middle aisle just south of the center where the American Legion Post 322 Auxiliary will give away paper poppies in honor of the men and women who served and died for our country in all wars. Donations go to assist disabled and hospitalized veterans. Poppies will be available at both the Friday and Saturday market and we hope to see them everywhere, at the stands and on our volunteers and customers in honor of Memorial Day.

Today we’re open from 11 to 2. M & M Bistro will serve chicken pita wraps, gyros, hummus and tabbouleh plates and baklava. Lumpy’s Express will have barbecue. The Sours will play traditional music. Weather permitting, KSN is doing a live remote at the market from noon to 12:30. Terrell Creek, our goat cheese dairy, is mixing it up a bit by coming today rather than tomorrow and Kenney’s Farm will bring a boatload of strawberries. Add that to the other four or five farms with strawberries and we should be seeing lots of red today – in a good way.

Tomorrow we’re open from 9 to noon. Cooking for a Cause benefits the Carl Junction High School Archery Team (bet you didn’t even know there was a Carl Junction archery team, but guess what?  There’s a high school team and a junior high team. Our own Katie Fredrickson of Fredrickson Farms went to nationals this month with the junior high team. We thought she did amazingly well. She started archery this year and placed 50th out of hundreds of kids. Way to go, Katie!). The Rebecca Hawkins Project plays tomorrow. Both the meal and the music runs from 9 to 11 on Saturdays.

Tuesday we’ll have wood fired pizza and Supper with Trish. The Pommerts are playing and Extension is demonstrating and sampling Honey Glazed Carrots.

It’s going to be another great week at the market, we hope you can make it by – once, twice or three times because you just never know what delightful surprise is waiting for you!