Thursday, November 12, 2015

Webb City Sentinel market column - 11/13/15

What a wonderful start we had last Saturday for our Winter Market.  It was busy, it was festive, it was loaded with vendors and their beautiful products and it’s going to be just as good tomorrow.  Who knows?  Maybe even better.

In addition to most of last week’s vendors, we’ll have some additonal vendors – Mende Staggs is coming for the first time in months with her pink oyster mushrooms.  They’ll go fast!  In the Christkindlmarket, BHaynes returns with her delightful hats and scarves made out of repurposed sweaters.

Market Lady Carolyn Smith makes her first appearance of the year with Hearty Autumn Salad.  The recipe is printed below, but come sample it on tomorrow and pick up some of the ingredients.  Carolyn managed to secure recipe booklets and some reusable bags from Ott’s dressing who donated the dressing for the demonstration.  The first 25 families who ask, get a bag!

Rob Pommert will play his gentle popular tunes.  Hazel’s Bakery will have muffins you can enjoy for breakfast.  Hebrew Holy Grounds promised to have coffee.

Anna Leonard, a certified application counselor with Mercy Hospital, will be at the market tomorrow to provide information on the Affordable Care Act and on obtaining health insurance through the Marketplace. 

It’s the Fall at the market.  Bring a camera (or your phone) and take a photo with the market scarecrows.  They are sitting just inside the market’s north and south entrances amid pumpkins and gourds donated by Fredrickson Farm’s Pumpkin Patch.  How’s that for good timing?  The Pumpkin Patch closed on October 31 and the winter market began the first Saturday in November and we got as many of their fall decorations as we could haul off!  And their generosity doesn’t end there.  Tami & Steve Fredrickson spent Thursday tearing the roof off the market bathrooms and will be working with some professional roofers they hoodwinked into volunteering to put on the new roof today. 
People sometimes give me a lot of credit for the market, but believe me, it’s a team effort and you couldn’t ask for a better team.

We’ll see you at the market tomorrow.


Layer the following ingredients on a salad plate or in a salad bowl.

Kale, torn in bite-size pieces (or substitute your favorite salad greens)
Dried cranberries
Butternut squash (shredded or cut in thin pieces)*
Beet (shredded or cut in thin pieces)*
Apple slices
Feta cheese
Toasted pecans (or substitute your favorite nuts)
Salt and pepper to taste
Serve with Ott's Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing
*If you prefer roasted vegetables, cut the squash and beets in cubes, toss in a small amount of oil, and roast.