Thursday, April 14, 2016

Webb City Sentinel market column - 4/16/16

Things are hopping at the market.  Tomorrow we have our first Cooking for a Cause of the year.  The Carl Junction Archery Team will prepare a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, sausage, farm fresh eggs cooked to order, and coffee or juice - $3.50 without eggs, $4.50 with eggs.  Tami Fredrickson’s daughter, Katie, is on the team so we’ll be seeing a lot of Fredricksons, as well as many other volunteers.  Never one to let folks sit idle, Tami has back-up tasks like cleaning up the market’s new used double door fridge and installing the kitchen’s new emergency exit if all hands are not needed for the breakfast.  (above - a couple of champion archers, who also happen to be market kids - Jeremiah Jones and Katie Fredrickson)
One family member will be unavailable for Tami to order around.  Her grandpa, Jim Oxley, will be in the pavilion selling his dresses.  Grandpa makes delightful frilly dresses for little girls, complete with hairbows and decorated socks, but it is his sundresses I always stock up on.  They are charming, perfect for every day and easy on the wallet.  They are also my granddaughter Madeleine’s favorite clothes to wear.  Winter, summer, spring or fall, which admittedly are all pretty mild in Australia, she’s wearing one of Grandpa’s dresses in all the photos I get.  If it’s on the chilly side, she just wears it over a long sleeve shirt and leggings. (Above - I'm never one to pass up an opportunity to post a photo of a granddaughter - Madeleine in one of Grandpa's dresses)

Another rare visitor tomorrow will be Craig Hansen from Hillside Farm.  Craig specializes in elephant garlic which won’t arrive at the market in full force until late summer, but Craig is thinning his fields and he will have green garlic tomorrow.  It’s used the same way as mature garlic for cooking but should be refrigerated and used within a week.  Green garlic is a bit milder than dried garlic.  You can use the green stalks as long as they aren’t woody.

We are going to have over a hundred hanging baskets tomorrow.  The Detweiler’s will be back on the north end and Greg Braker will have his in the middle of the pavilion.  (there will also be bedding plants - both flowers and tomatoes)  And to make those plants thrive, let me introduce you to our newest vendor – Sprout Faster soil supplements.  They sell locally produced worm castings (yes, that’s a fancy word for poop).  Recommended uses?  Apply to planting holes and seed furrows, to perennials, potted plants and hanging baskets, to roses, trees, shrubs and berries, even to lawns.  Because the pavilion will get crowded with farmers by June, we will probably only be able to host Sprout Faster for about six weeks so buy a bag tomorrow and check it out.  That way you can restock while they’re still at the market.

Mabel of Harmony Hill Farm will serve ham and pinto beans with cornbread tomorrow for $3.50 – eat-in or take-out.  William Adkins takes the market stage.

The sides are off the market (thank you, Park workers!) and that means we’re going into the regular season.

Next week we will be open on Tuesday from 4 to 7 pm, on Thursday from 11 to 2, and on Saturday from 9 to noon.  Weather permitting (sprinkling is ok, pouring rain is not) the street car will run during every market next week!  It’s been three years since it last ran at the market, it’s free and it’s fun!  Don’t miss it.

Mid-Missouri Bank will give away seedling trees and shrubs at every market next week, as long as they last.  Pick two from four choices: redbud, witch hazel, American beautyberry and river birch.  MU Extension horticulturist Robert Balek will be on hand Tuesday to advise on where to plant and how to care for the seedlings.

On Tuesday, Stewart’s Bakery makes their first appearance at the market.  Linda will offer a comfort style supper and baked treats for dessert.  Carmine’s Wood Fired Pizza returns with their New Jersey style pizza.  Rob Pommert plays.

On Thursday, Granny Shaffer’s returns with fried catfish and potatoes and their delish Thai wraps.  Tac–o The Town makes their market debut with Latino foods.  They both will be at the market every first and third Thursday.  Scott Eastman plays.

And Saturday The Bard Lives at the Market!  We’re observing the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth (really? sure, why not, of all the places around town the market would probably seem most familiar to him).  Jim and Ann Liles, drama professors at MSSU, will recite sonnets of the bard.  Rachel Stanley and Todd Manley, also of MSSU, will perform.  Crofter’s Gate, who will seem a lot like the Plainsfolk with the addition of an Irish harp, will play music from the 1660s.

We’ll also have a chef demonstration you won’t want to miss.  Chef JT Amos will demonstrate one of these market fresh recipes every half hour:

Spring Power Salad
Chicken with Marlee’s Creamery Milk
Bok Choy & Asparagus
Grilled Beets

Our thanks to Arvest Bank for arranging this demonstration.

Next Saturday breakfast benefits the Carl Junction Bright Futures program.

Yes, we expect it to be another great year at the market.  See you there!