Thursday, May 19, 2016

Webb City Sentinel market column - 5-18-16

It’s crunch time at the market, when I start moving the vendors around on my layout sheets like so many pieces of a puzzle. This vendor needs a space and a half, that one can get by with a partial space. The new vendor is going to have to move into the middle aisle. Everybody’s going to have to cozy up!  Saturday is the big challenge because that’s when we have the most vendors, but the weekday markets won’t be far behind in filling up with vendors. To make it even more interesting, all the spaces (post to post) aren’t the same. One is over 11 feet long, most are about 9 and a few are only 6 feet long. I’m not sure why the pavilion was constructed that way but it sure does make it interesting to lay out. 

With the produce rolling in and more and more of our vendors ready to sell, I must admit I sometimes worry how on earth we can fit them all in. It’s a good problem to have and I’m hoping we can solve it, in part, by spreading to the north under tents or canopies. In the long run, the solution is an extension to the pavilion, but honestly that might only be a temporary solution. We just keep growing. Last week we received an application from an Amish family wanting to do fried pies right in the market kitchen for sale on Saturdays. Fresh fried pies?  I can’t say no to that!

We have a special treat at the market tomorrow. Robert Bruce Scott is passing through on his Midwest tour. He lives in Indianapolis and we get to host him whenever he does a tour on the way to visit his parents in Oklahoma. He stays over at our house and he’ll be sailing in late Friday night after his two gigs in Springfield. He is incredibly versatile and has treated us to renaissance music, opera (including some Klingon opera), a whole show of Bob Dylan music, Broadway. You name it and Robert can probably do it. This time his show is centered on Songs for the 12 String Guitar. He will also play his harp and mandolin. It will be a treat.

Cooking for a Cause benefits Webb City’s senior Girl Scout Troop #26433. They will serve biscuits and gravy, sausage, farm fresh tomato slices and cooked-to-order market eggs. Both music and breakfast run from 9 to noon.

On Tuesday we’ll be serving the Free Kids Meal from 4:30 to 6:30. The menu is spaghetti and meat sauce, fresh market salad, raw sugar snap peas, a bread stick and milk. The Pommerts will play. Carmine’s Woodfired Pizza will bake to order and Stewart’s Bakery is serving meatloaf.

On Thursday, William Adkins is playing. The Free Kids Meal is served from 11 to 2. The menu is oven roasted chicken legs, sweet potato fries, tomato and cucumber salad, biscuit and milk. Harv’s BBQ and M & M Bistro will have lunch for the grown-ups.

Don’t forget that Thursday night the Winter Production Education Center will host its fourth Thursday Twilight Tunnel Walk. It starts at 7 pm at the Yang Farm, 1213 Route U, Rocky Comfort. I’ll serve a walk-around supper of hot dog or brat, chips and drink for $4 and $5 respectively. This time of year our farmers rarely get to eat before 10 pm. Hopefully having a supper available during the walk will make up for pulling them off their own farm for some education during such a busy time. The walk, however, is open to everyone interested in learning about high tunnels or learning about where their food comes from.  (That's actually Sam Craig's tunnel at Center Creek Farm but it was too perfect not to use for our Twilight Walk publicity!)

It’s a busy time of year, but the learning never stops at the market. Come join us.