Friday, July 8, 2016

Webb City Sentinel market column - 7/8/16

We’ll have honey tomorrow!  Amos Apiaries will be at the market with their local raw honey which is a rare treat. After two very tough winters (for the bees), Jann decided it was time to downsize and spend his retirement years a little differently than putting in long, hot hours working with thousands of bees. As a result, he and Resa only raise enough honey now to do one market a month and tomorrow is the one for July.

Other vendor news for tomorrow: 

Misty Morning Farms is bringing a whole truckload of yellow sweet corn and we’ll probably have at least five other farmers with sweet corn so plan to load up.

Linda with Stewart’s Bakery has decided to focus on cookies… and pies!  Expect fresh blackberry pies, fresh peach pies and fresh blueberry pies at the market.

We’ll have hundreds of cantaloupe. I enjoyed one for dinner yesterday. Delicious. My husband, Phil, asked Owen Detweiler to pick out one ready to eat right away. Owen picked well.

We should have a good supply of blackberries, too. Enjoy them while you can. We expect them to be in abundance for another week at least.

Tomatoes are coming in fast and furious. It’s time to place your orders for canning tomatoes with your favorite farmer.

And, according to Gary Stubblefield, we will have farm fresh vine-ripened biscuits over at Cooking for a Cause tomorrow. To quote his facebook post “That's right, it's biscuit picking season and these are fresh from the field.”  Well, Gary is something of a wild man, but breakfast WILL be good – biscuits and gravy, sausage, farm fresh eggs cooked to order, and juice or coffee, all for less than $5. It benefits NALA – Neighborhood Adult Literacy Action. NALA works with adults who need help improving their reading or math skills. A friend of mine volunteered last year at NALA working with a man in his 30s who was a poor reader and particularly bad at spelling. It was holding him back at work and, just as importantly, he couldn’t help his kids with their homework or read with them. It took a year, but he made tremendous progress and now has better prospects at work and reads regularly with his children. NALA also works with immigrants, helping them to improve their English.
William Adkins will play at the market tomorrow. He has an enormous repertoire. Check to see if he knows your favorite. Meal and music run from 9 to 11 on Saturdays.

You may have noticed that we have considerably downsized our crafts this summer. We’re only hosting one craft per Saturday, if that, because we are so full with regular market vendors. Since we are first and foremost a farmers market, our produce and food vendors get priority. On the second Saturday of the month, which is tomorrow, you will find, Edith Bayless in the south end with her lovely sewn goods. On the third Saturday of the month, it will be our goat soap vendors Garden ‘N Goat. On the fourth, Rebecca Bristow is at the market with her glass and metal art and jewelry. As we enter fall, we’ll be able to host more crafters but until then, we’re all about food.
On Tuesday, the Pommerts will play. Stewart’s Bakery will have a couple of tasty supper choices. Carmine’s Pizza will not be at the market. Bill opened a restaurant featuring his wood fired pizza in Joplin and needs to be there from now on. 

The Free Kids Meal Tuesday is a hot dog, cucumber and tomato salad, sweet corn salad, and milk.
Thursday, Stewart’s Bakery is back for lunch, along with M & M Bistro. Scott Eastman will play. The Free Kids Meal soft tacos, market veggies/fruits, and milk.

We have literally tons of fresh local produce coming into every market. Please spread the word, pick up some flyers at the information desk to give to friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. High season only lasts about eight weeks and it should be our farmers most profitable weeks. I know the extra customers can be a hassle for our regular customers, but they are essential for the success of the farmers and of the market. When you have four times the amount of produce to sell, you need to double and triple your customers. Let’s make it the best high season ever. See you and your friends at the market!