Friday, October 14, 2016

Webb City Sentinel market column - 10/14/16

You would think that this time of year I wouldn't be scrambling for vendor space.  After all, the growing season is over, right?  Not by a long shot.  The pavilion will be full tomorrow and mostly with fresh local produce!

Tomorrow we are expecting 16 farms with everything from our usual tomatoes, zucchini, squash, lettuce, broccoli and more to those rarer treasurers like apples and fresh picked out pecans. Our ranchers will have pork, beef, chicken, lamb and – wait for it – pheasant. This time of year Center Creek brings their “processed skin-on, free-flight, homegrown pheasant, which are raised without antibiotics or hormones.”  

We think all our farms are special but Center Creek certainly wears that description easily – they raise all sorts of special things and focus on organic methods and sustainable practices. Some of the special things they’ll have tomorrow include salad greens/braising mix, arugula, and other greens, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, microgreens, herbs, and lots of ghost peppers, Trinidad scorpions, peach scorpions, habanero, and fatalii peppers and other peppers. In case you are unfamiliar with ghost and scorpion peppers, let me give you a heads up – they are the hottest known peppers in the world. Now that’s special.  (That's a photo of the growing structures at Center Creek.  The fields are behind the tunnels.)

 Carole with Fairhaven Garden called to say they would have picked out pecans tomorrow. John Pate is bringing apples from the orchard tomorrow – not a lot so don’t dawdle.

Way Back Bakery will have their fried pies and also a quilt and other goods sewn by Amish hands. Edith is due at the market with her lovely sewn goods as well. Garden ‘N’ Goats will have their goat soap in the south end of the pavilion. 

Others expected include Redings Mill Bread Co., The Red Tamale,  Kings Kettle Corn and honey and frozen blueberries from Robertson Family Farm. Yes, it will be a packed pavilion and we’ll need lots of customers to cart our carefully grown and crafted goods home.

Stewart’s Bakery will serve breakfast – eggs cooked to order, biscuit and gravy, sausage, and hash brown casserole for $5. A giant cinnamon roll is $3. Both include a drink.

Jeff Simpson and Corky Dow will fill the pavilion with bluegrass. They’ll also do sing-alongs of children’s songs with any kids wanting to share the stage.

On Tuesday, Stewart’s Bakery will serve all-you-can-eat pinto beans, with fried potatoes and cornbread for $6. Rob Pommert will play.

Extension will sample winged beans and measuring any sales increase that results. Winged beans appeared at the market last year but they’ve been grown for centuries in Asia and yet this may be your first chance to try them. You have heard the saying that there is no waste from the tail to the snout of a pig; you can make some kind of food out of pretty much everything but the squeal. Well, the same is true of the winged bean – the root, the leaves, the flowers, the beans, they are all edible. But you’ll probably only find the bean at the market. Be sure to try it.

Next Saturday is Fall Foto Day when Bob Foos takes portraits at the market. There are two $15 packages available – 8 wallets with two 4x5s or 8 wallets with one 5x7. Add an 8x10 to either package and the total cost is $20. You can also order extra wallets, 4x5s and 5x7s in case you want to share the photos with the whole family.

Let us review – don’t miss the market tomorrow – or Tuesday – or next Saturday. Come dressed for a fall photo next Saturday. Don’t worry, no matter what you wear you’ll look good next to Sammy Scarecrow. See you there!