Thursday, January 19, 2017

Webb City Sentinel market column - 1/20/17

Well, as you probably guessed we ended up cancelling last week’s market. The roads in town weren’t bad but the farm roads were icy. This week is a different story and we will be at the market tomorrow with the heaters going, the tables full, the music playing, and lots of smiles. Our vendors miss the market and miss seeing their customers so they will be very glad to be back where they love to be on Saturday mornings.

Oakwoods Farm will have samples of chili seasoned with their chili seasoning. The seasoning is made right at the farm and features all natural ingredients from the farm. It’s labeled mild, but some find it hot while others find it mild, so trying a sample is the perfect way to know just how much seasoning to use.

Center Creek Farm is introducing a new product – an all micro-green mixed salad, packaged and ready to eat for $4.00, great for lunch at work or a quick addition to dinner. Make a salad for the whole family using the market’s fabulous lettuces and toss in the micro-greens for a super healthy tasty salad.

Both Center Creek Farm and Oakwoods are located on the alley side of the pavilion in the center. Don’t forget that we have closed off the south end of the pavilion, so come in the north door where the meat trailers are.
We have encouraged our vendors to think about ways to make good meals easy because time is so tight for many people. Center Creek’s new salad certainly meets that request. It’s fresh, it’s healthy, it keeps well (up to a week in the fridge) and it’s completely ready to eat. Just add your favorite dressing – owner Samantha recommends a light vinaigrette with salt and pepper – and you’re ready to eat.
I did a segment on micro-greens with Carol Parker on KSN this week and found them very appealing. They are super nutritious and so easy. Add them to salad, a taco, a sandwich, top an appetizer or entrée. What an easy way to pump up your food’s nutrition, flavor and color. What are micro-greens?  Micro-greens are harvested just after the first true leaves appear (that’s the second set of leaves). They are four to forty times more nutritious than the mature part of the plant that is eaten and while they all have a salad flavor, they also hint of that final mature part. The radish micro-green hints of a radish, the mustard is spicey, the sunflower has a bit of a nutty flavor and so forth. Both Center Creek and Oakwoods raise micro-greens. Give them a try this week.
Another soon-to-arrive easy meal is coming from Stewart’s Bakery. Owner Linda is already preparing one-dish meals for take away. In February she will begin full meal take-aways like meatloaf, oven brown potatoes and green beans with a roll or pot roast with veggies and a roll. If you like comfort food, this is going to be just what you want for Saturday lunch or dinner at home. I’ll have more details soon and if you have a favorite meal, stop by Stewart’s Bakery to make a suggestion.

Tomorrow Stewart’s Bakery will have beef stew with corn bread for eat in or take out for $5. Stewart's will also serve breakfast - biscuit and gravy, sausage, eggs, hash brown casserole for $5. Coffee or juice is 50 cents.

The Pommerts perform on the market stage.

The market farmers will have locally grown produce, as well as a variety of other offerings. There will also be baked goods, including gluten-free, jams, jellies, freshly roasted coffee beans, honey, frozen tamales, raw food bars, kettle corn, pork, beef, lamb and chicken, handcrafted soaps and balms, jewelry and glass art.

Next week we begin our children’s garden program. Be sure to bring the kids so they can paint a face on a clay pot and plant wheat seeds to grow into hair!  It’s free and fun. Scott Eastman will play and we’ll have lots of good things for you.
See you at the market!