Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Webb City Sentinel market column - 4-4-17

We expect another beautiful day at the market Saturday. And more of the bounty that our farmers and other vendors brought last week. More tomato plants, more asparagus and other delectable springs crops, more breakfast, more music….

(photo courtesy of Misty Morning Farm)
The Pommerts take the market stage this Saturday. Breakfast is scrambled eggs, biscuit and gravy, sausage and hash brown casserole. Or you could go for the giant cinnamon roll which is big enough for four people if you are inclined to share, which I am not – so don’t ask. Stewart’s Bakery has spicy chicken wings with celery sticks and ranch dressing for take-out or eat-in.

You may have noticed the beautiful trays of wheat grass for sale at the Oakwoods Farm table. And you may know wheat grass is super good for you but wondered how on earth do you consume it?  Find out this Saturday when Market Lady Carolyn Smith makes smoothies to sample. And, no, they won’t be made just of wheat grass!  They will have plenty of other tasty and good-for-you ingredients. You may just want to join Karen and Doug Scott who own Oakwoods in their breakfast smoothie habit every morning. Carolyn will have a sample and a recipe for you.

Another treat tomorrow is the long awaited return of Tami Fredrickson’s grandpa. Jim Oxley, will be in the pavilion selling his dresses. Grandpa makes delightful frilly dresses for little girls, complete with hairbows and decorated socks that are just right for Easter, but it is his sundresses I always stock up on. They are charming, perfect for every day and easy on the wallet. They are also my granddaughter Madeleine’s favorite clothes to wear. Now that she lives in Mongolia instead of sunny Australia Madeleine can only wear them in summer time but you can bet she’ll have one on almost every day then. (That's a photo of Madeleine in her favorite dress.)  Be sure to buy all you’ll need because Grandpa is only making it to the market about twice a year now.

Next Saturday, after market, we’ll have a workshop and field day. The workshop is primarily for vendors (of any market), teaching them how to safely and legally sample their products at the market and how to handle their produce after harvesting so it retains peak quality. As a customer, the workshop itself is probably not of interest, but you will certainly be glad of the results. That workshop begins at 1 in the Webb City Public Library. There is no fee, but please call in a reservation so we have enough handouts – 417 499-4831.

From 3:15 to 5 pm that afternoon (April 15), everyone is invited to tour the Braker Berry Farm, 941 SW 90th Lane, Oronogo. The tour will include the garlic beds which have been the subject of a MSU/MU garlic planting date study this year. You’ll also get to see blackberries growing on the innovative rotating cross arm trellis, blueberries, including recently developed cultivars, and the Braker’s high tunnel production and their hydroponic vegetable house. The tour is free and open to anyone who wants to know more about where their food comes from or wants to learn more about growing food.  No reservation is needed, just come.

And the Saturday after that, April 22, we open for the regular season – Saturdays from 9 to noon, Tuesdays from 4 to 7 pm and Thursdays from 11 to 2 pm. Every season holds treasure at the market and spring is no exception. See you there Saturday!