Thursday, May 22, 2008

Webb City Sentinel column - May 23

Hector and Lois Troyer came to the market for the first time this season. They had a table loaded with broccoli, radishes and lettuce. Hector always creates a beautiful display that attracts lots of customers. However, his vendor neighbor, Tim Green of Shoal Creek Gardens, accused him of unfair marketing practices Tuesday because Hector brought their son Lance. Tim says Lance is an unfair advantage because Lance, who was born in November, is a customer magnet. At the end of market, the Troyers took home Lance and two small bunches of lettuce.

Since they live near Stark City, the Troyers have quite a drive to get to the market and they always load up as much produce as they can fit in the vehicle to justify the trip (at gas prices on Tuesday, bringing the truck would cost them $30 each market day). They’re trying to make do with their car for now which means they can’t bring a stroller or playpen for Lance. We’d be happy to provide storage, but the Troyers don’t have any extra baby equipment they can leave at the market. What we’d really like is a small playpen or portable crib that folds up for storage. If you have one you would like to donate (or sell at a bargain price) to the market, please give me a call at 483-8139.

I’m happy to report that we raised over $200 Friday for the Webb City Jaycees Disaster Relief Fund. We also took a trunk load of water, baby items, canned food and even dog food to the Red Cross operating out of Neosho. Now you may think dog food wouldn’t be needed, but one of the nurses said she had delivered some dog food to a disaster victim for his pet just the day before.
The winners of the drawings were: Ed Kelley, Kathy Dixon, Diane James and Ed Navarro. The James live all the way over in Pittsburg and come to the market every week. When I delivered their prizes, they declared that the market was their favorite place to go. At the price of gas, I sure hope it continues to be worth the trip.

It certainly has become more fun to come on Tuesdays. Rob Pommert is singing and playing the guitar from 11 to 1. He does favorites from the 1930s to the present as well as classical and jazz instrumentals. He’s been a great favorite with our market guests. I passed Ann Watrous engrossed on a bench Tuesday. She rallied long enough to sigh, “that’s my all-time favorite song”. Don McGowan dropped by the information table to say, “I vote for the guitarist to be here every Tuesday.” And he will be, with a few exceptions, until school starts up again. Rob teaches guitar at Ozark Christian College.

Next Tuesday, Beta Sigma Phi will run Cooking for a Cause to benefit the Boys and Girls Club.Today we have a band new to the market – The Wild River Band. They play old-style country, hits from the 50s and gospel. Lunch will be meatloaf, picnic pasta salad, corn, chocolate or pistachio pudding and a drink for $6. In addition, Ka Yang will have egg rolls, noodle salad and sandwiches.