Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's going on at the market pavilions?!!!!

Looks a little scary now with all the de-construction, but when the park board is finished, the pavilions will have new, more structurally sound gabled ends and new roofs.
Plus, the Perry Foundation has agreed to supply the materials for a concrete floor from one end to the other. The City is supplying the labor to install the concrete.

And, if all goes well, there will also be a new pavilion between the current two, giving us more useable space and a dry way to get from one to the other, AND the park board plans to move out the brown barn which will improve traffic flow and parking.

So we hope to open with a tremendously improved facility, thanks to the park board, city and the Perry Foundation. We're excited!

During the construction, the Winter Market will move to the Praying Hands road west of the Kneeling Miner. It will be adjacent to the parking lot by the street car tracks. Same good local products - just a tad further west than usual.