Thursday, June 25, 2009

Concrete floor: Big improvement

A concrete floor wouldn't seem like a big deal most of the time. But to everyone at the market this year; it's an extremely big deal. In previous years, if you used any type of wheels to get around, the gravel surface under the market was a bit challenging. The addition of the new concrete floor has made things much easier for patrons and vendors alike.
On my trip to the market recently, I observed many different kinds of wheels in use and those I spoke to were delighted with the easier-to-navigate surface. Strollers, wheelchairs and wagons in use amongst the crowd were getting from one end of the pavilions to the other better than ever. Vendors had nice flat surfaces to set up their tables, and everything was dry, even after all the rain we'd had lately. The additional coverage of the newly added roof area was also appreciated when the rain started to come down again.
If you haven't been out to the market yet this year, roll on in to check out the improvements under the pavilions at the Main Street entrance to King Jack Park.