Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things are looking more abundant all the time - & an oops story

Tuesday's market was absolutely loaded with produce. And the tables were gorgeous. Just one sample - the Cha's - at left.

Tuesday I threw together the market layout without consulting last week's diamgram. (We always diagram out the full length of the pavilion to be sure everyone is tucked into the place that they need.) But I didn't consult the week's before and some folks were moved from their previous location. Among them, Bert & Daffol Ott.

Normally, it isn't unusual to move a vendor by a space or two depending on who we have to fit in, so I was a little suprised when the Otts commented that I had assigned them a slightly different space. But they set up with no complaints.

Only later, through the grapevine, did I learn that they had come to the pavilion over the weekend and spent hours scrubbing down their space so it would be sparkling clean for market day - and then I moved them!! I won't do that again.

If you come to market towards closing, you will find all our vendors sweeping out their space. We try to leave it cleaner than we find it, but we don't usually rise to the Otts standards by scrubbing for hours.