Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Inside News

The Troyers will be back at the market Friday.

Hillside Farms from Carthage has been selling elephant garlic on Saturdays.

The food and nutrition classes from Carl Junction High School have been visiting the market this week. They are learning to cook fresh produce, so shop at the market and then prepare it in school.

My, my. What a downpour we had Friday! Our performer Kelly Lee James had to ditch his electronics and go back to his roots - acoustic guitar. All those electrical cords didn't seem like such a good idea.

Meanwhile, volunteer manager Donna Krudwig (aka Darth Vadar on right) adapted as well. Yes, that's a trash bag draped artistically around her shoulders.

It's great to have the concrete, but we still need to work on drainage on the east side.

Pat Walls wrote on my wall today - "You'll be happy to know that we take our WC Farmers' Market canvas bag with us every time we go to the local markets here in Sarajevo. Hope all is well back home. Cheers...".

Chris Pistole with the Audubon Center was at the market Tuesday filming a couple of segments for KODE's "Together Green Moment". Chris thought the market was a good place to talk about buying locally (as in produce grown within 70 miles rather than trucked in 1,500 miles) and growing chemical free (of which we have several farm and garden examples).