Thursday, October 13, 2011

Webb City Sentinel column - 10-14-11

We have some jim-dandy entertainment this weekend at the market, plus today is Jam and Jelly Day at the market (more about that later).
The Granny Chicks play today. They are always fun and with their accordions are especially appropriate for October. Who knows? With a little prodding they might even play the Chicken Dance.

In case you need instructions (and, yes, if they play it for you, you have to dance):

Begin in a circle with everybody facing one another (this is hard to do in the University of Wisconsin football stadium where the chicken dance is a regular part of the event)

When the music starts, shape each hand like the beak of a chicken and open and close them for four counts.

Tuck your thumb under each arm and flap like a chicken for four counts.

Place your hands on your backside with fingers imitating the tail of a chicken and wiggle yourself down during the next four beats.

Stand back up and clap four times.

The whole thing is repeated four times and then there is an interlude during which you can swing your partner or the whole circle can turn or, in some places, everyone pretends to be an airplane flying around the room. In other words – improvise!

Tomorrow Cathy Barton and Dave Parra play at the market. Cathy and Dave live in central Missouri in Booneville and don’t often make it to our part of the state. But when they do, we always try to bring them to the market because they are such a perfect fit. Like our crops, their roots are deep in Missouri soil. They specialize in Missouri’s traditional music and have developed many programs exploring Missouri’s history. Tomorrow at the market you may hear a French paddling song or a steamboat song or any number of Ozarkian songs. You will certainly hear Cathy’s frailing banjo style (Roy Acuff called Cathy his favorite banjo player.) and Dave might even play a leaf!

In the afternoon, they’ll be at the Webb City Public Library opening the exhibit “Divided Loyalties: Missouri in the Civil War”. At 2 pm Cathy and Dave will do a musical program of Civil War on the Western Frontier.

Pates Orchard and Fairhaven Gardens will be sampling their jams and jellies today. Both are on the west side of the pavilion, Fairhaven all the way south and Pates just north of the center. Jams and jellies are a lovely way to preserve the taste of our local bounty for the winter and also make wonderful local gifts for the holidays.
Just like the weather, the produce at the market is beautiful. And the flowers are too. You’ll find lots of bouquets of flowers both days. Something new and perfect for the season will be chrysanthemum bouquets at Duvall Valley Farms. The small bouquets are $2 and the large are $4. They also have huge mum plants.

Lunch today is a choice of bacon and white corn chowder or buffalo chicken soup, plus crackers and cobbler for $5. Tomorrow breakfast benefits Walk Now for Autism Speaks. The volunteers will also have a table of crafts for sale to benefit Autism.
I recently enjoyed a cucumber salad in a tea room in Stillwater, Minnesota. It was refreshing and tasty.

Cucumber Yogurt Salad

2 cups thin cucumber slices (cut in half or quarters lengthwise if not using small English cucumbers)
1 cup non-fat plain yogurt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
¼ teaspoon salt
Paprika for garnishing.

If the yogurt is soupy, drain in paper towel-lined sieve over a bowl for one hour. Discard the liquid.

Mix all ingredients and refrigerate until ready to serve.

You can also add diced green onions or dill or mint to this salad. This is particularly pretty served on a leaf of lettuce.