Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who we're expecting at Friday's market

Tomorrow (Friday) The Sours play traditional music. Soup du Jour serves our lunch – a choice of Chicken Pot Pie Soup or Braised Spinach with Swiss Cheese Soup, plus crackers and cobbler for $5.

Mums - 2 vendors

Broken Wire + roasted peppers
Fairhaven Gardens + jams & jellies + eggs
Nhao Hang
The Lee Family
Der Lor
Mai Ker Lor
Lucy Moua
A Mouchoupao
Pates Orchard + jams & jellies
Maria Vang
Nhai Xiong
Nature Valley
Shoal Creek Gardens
Zoua Yang


Amos Apiaries

Roasted Coffee Beans
Small Cottage Coffee

Sunny Lane
Flintrock + eggs

Arma Bakery
Black Forest
Hazel's Bakery
Redings Mill Breads

Raw Food Bars

Don't forget, on Saturday the streetcar will give free rides from 9 to 11 & Bob Foos will take fall portraits - package of one 5x7 and eight wallets for $6.