Friday, March 10, 2017

Webb City Sentinel market column - 3-10-17

I'm am writing this from the tropical climes of Hawaii and I have to tell you that the Webb City forecast for tomorrow is too cold.  But don't let that  discourage you from coming to market tomorrow.  Our valiant staff and volunteers will be there early firing up the heaters.  With the walls down and the heat on it should be coat comfy.  That said, how about getting those temperatures under control before I get back next week!

The Kids Garden Club returns this Saturday to the market.  It’s free, it’s fun and this week the kids are learning to  identify weeds.  Now you may think anyone would know how to identify weeds but I have twice learned to my dismay that is not the case.  Many years ago I planted my first small vegetable garden, ringed it with marigolds which are thought to repel bugs and moved on to other projects while the weeds appeared and thrived.  My sweet husband decided one day to help me out by weeding the garden and did a thorough job of pulling up every marigold plant.  Years later I had landscaped a shaded section of our courtyard with columbine and perennial ferns.  My mother who was a wonderful gardener but unfamiliar with those plants ripped them all out.  I guess they didn't look as good as I thought. (photo above- no weeds here but all sorts of greens including living wheat grass)
On the other hand, one of the loveliest sights I've ever seen was a meadow in Switzerland, lush green grass dotted with yellow flowers which upon closer inspection turned out to be extremely healthy dandelions.
Led by Master Gardeners, the kids will learn how to identify common local weeds and will plant “Shamrocks” (clover).
Breakfast is biscuit and gravy, sausage, eggs, hash brown casserole for $5.  Coffee or juice is 50 cents.  Stewart’s Bakery will have pinto beans and cornbread for take away or eat in for $5. 
"The Includers", featuring Jason Brown, Jeremy Moss, and other musicians, will fill the pavilion with eclectic, fun, folksy music.

The market will be filled with fresh, local produce, baked goods, including gluten-free and handcrafted good-for-you crackers, jams, jellies, pecans, kettle corn, pork, beef, lamb and chicken, frozen tamales, locally made vanilla, handcrafted soaps, balms, jewelry and glass art.  Joplin Business Women will have Rada utensils for sale.  Cook's Berry Junction is bringing eggs for the first time.  Ed expects to bring 40 dozen so that should make a lot of shoppers happy - which makes us happy.  One of my favorite comments from a customer was "the market is my happy place."  We hope you will make it your happy place tomorrow. We try to make the market a happy, healthy welcoming experience for everyone.