Thursday, March 2, 2017

Webb City Sentinel market column - 3-3-17

The market will be open tomorrow from 9 to noon, enclosed and heated as usual. What’s not been usual until recently is the wide selection of meats at the market. Sunny Lane Farm has added pork to their selection of beef, chicken and lamb. Nancy said she’d always wanted to raise pigs. I have to admit that raising pigs has never been on my list. In fact, please don’t make me raise pigs!  Isn’t it lovely that we all have different dreams?  Nancy is now living her dream (and as I write this I am in lovely Hawaii with my family so I’m pretty happy too.)

Penn Acres has added Cornish hens to their offerings. Center Creek Farm has pheasant. So we have
beef, chicken, lamb, pork, Cornish hen and pheasant – all humanely raised. Talk to the ranchers for details on how the animals are raised and what benefits you enjoy from eating sustainably raised meats.

Breakfast tomorrow is biscuit and gravy, sausage, scrambled eggs and hash brown casserole. Stewart’s Bakery will have meatloaf and oven brown potatoes for eat-in or take-away for $5. Add some salad fixings for a lovely nutritious Sunday dinner.

Richard Hugh Roberts will sing from the Great American Songbook again tomorrow.

There should be a good selection of produce as we are expecting eight farms – 417 Produce, Braker Berry Farm, Center Creek Farm, Harmony Hill Farm, Nature Valley Farm, Oakwoods Farm, Troyer Vegetables (that means little Lance will be there with dog biscuits) and Xiong Farm. We should have farm fresh eggs from four farms, baked goods, freshly roasted coffee beans, kettle corn, food bars, goat milk soaps, and more.

We are making plans for the regular season which begins on Earth Day, April 22. That will be our first Cooking for a Cause, the fund-raising breakfast on Saturdays. We have a few openings for new non-profits. Funds must be used for public causes. In other words, my own church Central United Methodist signs up for a Saturday but the money raised doesn’t go to a church-only project like repairing the roof or funding a mission trip, instead it goes to our regional food pantry Crosslines. If you have a cause you’d like to support, send me an email at

On the last Saturday in May we begin our Free Kids Summer Meals. We’ll be serving those meals – loaded with local produce – at every market - on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this year and we will need lots of help. If you’d like to volunteer for a couple of hours once a week, once a month or just once, email me. We’d especially like to recruit groups of three or four who would sign up for a regular day of the week or month – groups like churches, businesses, clubs or just friends. Many hands make light work.  (that's Chase handing out silverware at the kids meals last summer)

It’s going to be another great year at the market but don’t wait for April. It’s already Market Time. See you tomorrow.