Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Inside News

Boy, did we ever get slammed today. Tomatoes, peaches and corn were all sold out in 30 minutes, mostly because supplies are still very limited. We're hoping that by next week, there will be plenty - or at least enough to last through lunch.

Don't forget that we're open on Thursday, not Friday, this week because of the holiday. We'll also be open on Saturday. We won't be seeing Madewell Pork or Flintrock Buffalo this week because of the Fourth. However, we are expecting pretty much everyone else. We'll have our usual bakers on Thursday as well as our annual Crosslines bake sale.

Speaking of Crosslines, we cleared $458.25 for Crosslines at Cooking for a Cause today. Great turnout of customers and super volunteers supplied by First Baptist and Central United Methodist churches of Webb City and the Carterville United Methodist Church.