Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sentinel column - July 25

It’s almost August, and inquiring minds are asking – will the Saturday markets continue? YES. We had originally planned to just do June and July, but the response to the Saturday market has been much good to give it up now. We have many new customers who could not come on Tuesday or Friday because of other commitments (working can sure get in the way sometimes) and our vendors have been pleased with sales.

With harvest running a good three weeks late because of the cold wet spring, our farmers are just now hitting their high season. And since many increased their plantings by at least 50% to accommodate an additional market day, we should have plenty of produce, probably all the way through fall. The key question now is – will our customers continue coming on Saturdays once the dog days of August pass. We are hoping you will.

This Saturday Pack 29 will have an activity table where boys and girls can buy a model kit of a birdhouse for $2 and construct and paint it. The whole project takes about an hour, but the painting can be done at home if you’ve got a busy morning. It will also be a good opportunity to meet some of the cub scouts and their leaders. Scouting, whether for girls or boys, can have a profoundly beneficial effect on a child. You may know someone who’s ready to be a scout. Bring them to the market on Saturday and introduce them to scouting.

The Webb City Band Boosters will host a bake sale on Saturday. They’re a big group so we’re expecting a lot of baked goods. Be sure to stop by to support their efforts (it’s a sacrifice, but I’ll try to eat a few brownies for the cause).

We have a couple of new vendors coming on Saturday. Lone Star Farm from Anderson will be at the market for the first time with green beans and cucumbers.

D & J Lemonade will have lemonade and tea. You may have noticed the lemonade kids Tuesday. Dalton and Jocelyn set up under their mother’s watchful eye in the far parking lot. When I discovered them, I invited the kids to be market vendors. We didn’t have a lemonade vendor and we try to encourage young entrepreneurs by waiving their season fee. And, of course, we couldn’t have them selling in the parking lot. It’s way too dangerous, plus we’re obligated by our lease with the Park Board to manage all vendors. So they filled out an application, their mom called the health department to make sure they were using good food safety practices and complying with health department rules, and now their ready to officially go into business at the market. (We invited them to start on Friday, but that’s their little sister’s birthday and family comes before business.

Lunch today is all-you-can-eat ham and beans, plus cornbread, brownie and drink for $5. Hymn and I will play from 11 to 1.

On Saturday, we’ll have a full breakfast for $5 until 11 (unless we run out earlier like last week). Jamie Smith will be back with his pizza, specialty sandwiches and stuffed mushrooms. He’ll serve until noon. Jamie was away last week at a festival on a parking lot that measured at 130 degrees HOT. You can imagine how hot it was in his food wagon with the oven blazing. I think he’s done with summer festivals unless they’re under shady trees.

Stonebrook will play bluegrass from 9:30 to 11:30.

Next Tuesday, Cooking for a Cause supports the Chert Glades Master Naturalists.

Next Saturday is TomatoFest with tomato contests, tomato sampling and a gazpacho demonstration at 9:30 and 10:30. Details are on our blog ( You can also email for entry forms in the tomato contest from there.