Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Inside News

Tuesday was the first day of the season that we closed with tomatoes still for sale.

& Pate Orchard is bringing the big truck Friday which will almost double our peach supply. The Red Havens are in!

Yes, we're entering the bountiful season. Word is that cantaloupe and watermelon are only a week or so away!

You will find these products at many stands, but those currently bringing in the largest supply are:

Sweet corn - Wells Farm
Green peppers - Troyer Farm
Green beans - Ka Yang
Potatoes - Ka Yang & Mor Xiong
Tomatoes - Troyer Farm, Josh Orr & Scott Yang

Plus you will find the above and much more like squash, zucchini, onions, hot peppers..... at those vendors as well as many others including the Lees, Eichers, Fairhaven, Shoal Creek, the Chas, the Vangs, & Fredricksons. Just take a stroll through both pavilions to see what's in season.